How to control yourself when shopping?


Although it is essential for consumers to shop wisely, it is also important to control yourself when you are shopping! In this blog, Shopwise Shopaholic found some useful tips by prasetio30 on HubPages for you to how to control yourself while shopping.

  • Window-shop without money.

Dopamine is a chemical substance in the brain that appears when you do something satisfactory, such as when shopping. Doing window-shop without carrying excessive cash or credit card/debit card. If you are still thinking about these things after two or three days, try to come back. This usually will reduce the sense of curiosity and the impulsive desire to buy new stuff.

  • Pay with cash.

Credit cards have the power to deceive people to think that they do not spend money. You can buy something, then forget that you just spend money, because the bill had just arrived at your house for weeks later. Meanwhile, when you buy goods with cash, a deeper impression. We can save about 12-18 percent every time shopping by cash payment.

  • Change your attention.

We can do that from the stores that usually makes you cannot resist shopping. For example, you find it difficult not to shop when you arrive in a clothes shop, so limit yourself to spending the maximum amount of money or the amount of clothes.

  • Map a store line.

More halfway in the store you pass, more purchases outside of your plan to do. The desire to make a purchase suddenly rose to 10 percent when you pass all the halfway in the shop. Plan what you want to buy, including its location before you go shopping.

  • Differentiate between what do we wants and what do we needs.

When you are buying goods, ask yourself, do I have this kind of stuff at home? This decision make us more save in buying things.

Hope these tips would help you to learn how to control yourself while shopping! 😉




Why do you shop?

“Why do people shop?” People will simply answer “to buy things” without any hesitation.

Firstly, people do shopping for basic necessities like food, clothes and other home appliances. In addition, people will feel completed when they buy things. Therefore, there are amounts of reasons why people love shopping: on sale, self-expression, beauty, relaxation, brand-loyalty, relieve stress…

There are basically four types of shopping: recreational shopping, listing shopping, item shopping and impulse shopping. In today’s blog, we will discuss what recreational shopping is. And you can try to see whether you are fit into this category.

Recreational shopping, just as its name implies, people do this shopping just for relaxation or entertainment. The most common reason people say beyond “to buy things” is relax. Lots of my girl friends like to use shopping as a way to relax and relieve their study or work stress. They just try to explore beauties and fantasies such as window-shopping or online shopping.

This type of shopping based on the trends. Prior to shopping, people often try  to keep up with trends. Therefore, this type of shopping often happens in clothes, cosmetics and accessories.

There is another function of recreational shopping is socialising. People can accompany with their friends to go shopping and have casual talking. They probably don’t intend to buy anything, they just use shopping as a reason to socialise with friends.

People often think window-shopping or online shopping is just a way of relaxation because they are not really leading to a purchase. However, brands and retailer sometimes use recreational shopping to attract the customers because they believe they will come back to buy it later when they have already experienced the benefits of the goods.

When you finished reading this article, do you think you are a member of recreational shopping fans? Just be caution, sometimes brands use this to make you spend more money and you don not even realise it!!!