How to control yourself when shopping?


Although it is essential for consumers to shop wisely, it is also important to control yourself when you are shopping! In this blog, Shopwise Shopaholic found some useful tips by prasetio30 on HubPages for you to how to control yourself while shopping.

  • Window-shop without money.

Dopamine is a chemical substance in the brain that appears when you do something satisfactory, such as when shopping. Doing window-shop without carrying excessive cash or credit card/debit card. If you are still thinking about these things after two or three days, try to come back. This usually will reduce the sense of curiosity and the impulsive desire to buy new stuff.

  • Pay with cash.

Credit cards have the power to deceive people to think that they do not spend money. You can buy something, then forget that you just spend money, because the bill had just arrived at your house for weeks later. Meanwhile, when you buy goods with cash, a deeper impression. We can save about 12-18 percent every time shopping by cash payment.

  • Change your attention.

We can do that from the stores that usually makes you cannot resist shopping. For example, you find it difficult not to shop when you arrive in a clothes shop, so limit yourself to spending the maximum amount of money or the amount of clothes.

  • Map a store line.

More halfway in the store you pass, more purchases outside of your plan to do. The desire to make a purchase suddenly rose to 10 percent when you pass all the halfway in the shop. Plan what you want to buy, including its location before you go shopping.

  • Differentiate between what do we wants and what do we needs.

When you are buying goods, ask yourself, do I have this kind of stuff at home? This decision make us more save in buying things.

Hope these tips would help you to learn how to control yourself while shopping! 😉




Shopwise Shopaholic! Tips to save money!


Everyone loves shopping and is something everyone do weekly or monthly. We should spend our money wisely and save ourselves and families some money if shop wisely and resist those impulses to buy whatever we want. In this blog post, we will be discussing about some ways to shop wisely and save lots of money. Follow the following tips to shop wisely. 🙂

1. Compare prices on different types of items with other stores, before making purchases

When you are purchasing products such as clothing, shoes…Compare prices at different stores, such as discount stores, department stores, garage sales and online stores.

2. Refuse to pay regular price for an item. Keep up to date with weekly sales, specials and clearance items.

You can sign up to shop’s newsletter by knowing when’s on sale, do not hurry to make purchases.

3. Restrain Yourself from Impulse Spending

When you are going shopping, commit yourself to buying what is on your list. Always pay close attention to the things you need, but put the things you want on hold for the moment. Beware of shopping when you are stressed, depressed or lonely, you can be tempted to buy items you do not necessarily need.

4. Do not always purchase items that on sale that you normally would not purchase, whether it is groceries, electronics, clothes or whatever it is

Ask yourself what is the budget before purchasing and think whether this is a need or a want.

5. Do not succumb to the temptation to use coupons to buy items you don’t regularly buy or need

6. One or two weeks of month, declare a week where you don’t buy anything else other than groceries, gas and bills during that week

You can set a goal for yourself for not spending money on buying clothes

7. When going shopping, take a certain amount of cash to cover the cost of items you intend to buy