Decision process of editing your wardrobe

Our Facebook fans asked us to provide some tips about how to downsize the wardrobe. Today, we are going to offer some detailed tips to let you know how to edit your wardrobe. And we also hope that when you finish reading, you will be motivated to manage your wardrobe.


Follow this decision tree, we will find what kind of clothes that we don’t have to keep. Firstly, the question is do you absolutely love it? Umm, I know it’s hard to say you actually love or not love one piece of clothes. But here is an advice that demonstrates that you don’t really love those clothes: you bought the clothes when they were on sale and you did not wear them for more than three times after you made the purchase. Follow the decision process, if you say yes, you will be asked if it is fit, damaged or get repaired. Also, you will be asked depends your situation now such as pregnant or postpartum.

Basically, we will get the glue that the clothes worth still staying in your wardrobe are those you wear often and still are in style, special occasion dress, costume, wedding dress, uniform and sentimental clothing items such as the dress you wore when you were proposed before.

Now you are aware that what kind of clothes should be got rid of or should be kept in the wardrobe. Also, when you are editing your wardrobe, you also should know why those clothes are thrown out and won’t buy the same clothes afterwards. Let’s shopping but shopping wisely.


Stats about how social media influence purchase behaviour

Social media plays an important role in influencing people especially the Millennials (born between 1981 and 2000), their purchasing decisions. According to research, by 2017, these consumers will have more spending power than any generation has ever had, but they shop differently, are hyper-social and endlessly curious about what other people are doing. As a savvy consumer, it is important to note that how social media influencing the purchase behaviour.

There followings are some statistics show how social media influences purchasing decisions:

  • Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals
  • Out of 53% of consumers who said they use Twitter to recommend companies or products in their Tweets, 48% bought that product or service
  • 15,100,000 consumers go to social media channels before making purchase decisions
  • 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions
  • Facebook is the most effective platform to get consumers talking about products
  • 79% of consumers like a Facebook company page because it offers discounts and incentives
  • 32.5% of women say they’re influenced by special offers on Facebook vs 29% on Twitter
  • 44% of social media savvy women said their trusted/favorite blogger influences their purchasing decision
  • 91% of people have gone into a store because of an online experience
  • 89% of consumers conduct their research using search engines

Check out the infographic below for some interesting facts:



As a savvy consumer, it is important for you to think carefully before you purchase any products. Although social media plays an important role in influencing people’s purchasing behaviour. But it is important for people to shop wisely and don’t buy products that you don’t actually need due to the good comments on the social networking sites.