Are you shopaholic? Don’t worry, You still can shop wisely!

The clip above is the trailer of the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Thinking most of girls watched this before.  If you did not, don’t worry, 🙂 I will briefly introduce what the movie talks about.

Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher ornaments), a journalist of garden magazine, lives in New York City.  Growing with the gradually cosmopolitan city, her eyes are filled with different beautiful items. Yes exactly, the beautiful items are brand-new clothes, shoes and handbags such on. This beautiful girl continuously does shopping to fulfill desires and get great catharsis. However, the other side of the coin, it is the financial problems. Even if she tried to quit shopping addition, ultimately she is always defeated by her favorite products.

This story tells us, being an immoderate shopaholic is horrible. It will make your life become a mess and result in many financial problems such as unaffordable credit card debts. But our aim of the blogs is telling you that you also could be a shopaholic if you can shop wisely.

Shopaholic is not a terrible thing because everyone has their rights to pursue the beauty, especially the young girls. However, many of you find you always buy something you don’t have to buy, and it’s an excessive shopping. It’s the bad side of shopaholic because it is a sort of waste.

Otherwise, you could be a healthy shopaholic. It means you can possess different styles of the clothes, but all of them are what you need and what you can fit in. I know it is not easy to become a healthy shopaholic, and it takes time. However, if you can always keep in the mind when you shop, “think before purchase”, “set a budget” and “utlise 24-hour rule” we have introduced in our previous posts, you will be a healthy shopaholic soon.

Take an action from today, clean out your wardrobe find what kind of clothes you are not fit on and you don’t like them anymore. Learn from the lesson, and don’t buy the same style of those clothes in the future. Also, for some basic shirts, you can DIY them by yourself.

Lastly, we highly recommend that if you can donate some clothes you think you don’t need them anymore to those people who suffered from poverty around the world. Be a kind man, we are looking forward to see there is any change happens in the world.

You Know What? We Can DIY

Have you heard of DIY before, our shopwise fans? DIY, just as its name implies, it means Do It Yourself. DIY is a practice of adjusting, modifying, or repairing something old without any help from an expert or professionals, you can totally finish it by yourself.

Our shopwise page introduced in the last blog, if you have any useless clothes you can donate to charities or non-profit organisation. Today, we will introduce another way to deal with those out-fashioned, old or useless clothes. YES, it is DIY.

We are honored to say, after we post a DIY Action activity on Facebook, Joanne shared her DIY experience with us. Joanne says, “this is a really easy work, and you can make your clothes totally new and in-style.”

As Joanne suggests, we often can use those basic t-shirts, blouses and jeans to restyle it with the instructions of new trends. The pictures below are Joanne’s DIY items.

422929_3495756917014_671116298_n 527456_3697729566204_998928289_n 600717_4291201642635_673056570_n527456_3697729566204_998928289_n422929_3495756917014_671116298_n


We can see Joanne makes the old jeans and shirts look new and in-fashioned. We can wear them on again, it’s SMART:D

Don’t hesitate any more, let’s DIY now! 😀

Clothes Donations

clothes donation

Too many excessive clothing will cause lots of stress for many families. Besides the cost of spending money buying them, you will also need to store and care them. Therefore it is time for you to organise and clear out some excessive clothing you don’t need, save yourself some time and trouble! 🙂 In order to avoid yourself these troubles, remember to shop wisely, don’t buy things for no reason – THINK before you BUY! 

If you got too many extra clothes and do not know what to do with them, please read this blog post, Shopwise Shopaholic will help you. 🙂 We recommend you to donate your quality used clothes to charities to help the environment (introduce less waste into the environment) and your community. In this blog post, Shopwise Shopaholic will provide some details for clothes donation (Sydney base) if you have too many clothes!

In Sydney, there are many organisations and charities available for clothes donations. 

1. The Smith Family is a national, independent children’s charity which helps disadvantage Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create a better futures for themselves. They accept good quality clean, wearable clothing…with no rips/stains or tears, either new or near new. You can simply donate the items that you no longer want by putting them into one of their easy identifiable Collection Bins. For more information, please visit their website:

2. is also one of the place where you can donate your clothes to help the community and help make a difference to an individual or organisation. GiveNow is an initiative of the Our Community Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which is supported by Westpac. Please visit their website for more information:

3. Clothes Line Incorporated is an organisation which support the homeless and needy Australians by providing them with new, or good quality used clothing and other essential items. By donating clothes could help them to make a noticeable difference to their lives, improving their comfort and self image. Please visit their website for more information:

If you have too many clothes and they are still in good conditions why not consider donating them to organisations such as those listed above to help more people, our community and the environment. 😀

Shopaholic, remember to shop wisely to avoid buying those extra items that you don’t need. THINK before you BUY! 😉

Too many clothes? How Many Clothes Do I Need?


“My wardrobe is so messy!…My wardrobe has no space left!” These are the common words I heard from all my friends especially girls. So why do you have so many clothes? There are different reasons. In this blog, we will be discussing some reasons why so you have so many clothes, and how many clothes do you need? We will be also providing some tips for you to shop wisely to avoid buying excessive amounts of clothes that you are not going to wear.

The first reason why you have some many clothes would definitely be you LOVE to shop and enjoying creating beautiful outfits and then the biggest problem is you don’t have the space for all the clothes you bought. So what are you do? Before buying any clothes think carefully whether you really need or want it? And one important point: peer pressure. There’s a fine line between helpful advice from BFF, mother, sister and friendly sales woman and making you to buy things you don’t like. Who needs to an extra thing in their wardrobe that you don’t like? Yes, sometimes you can say you want to step out and try new things. However the more you can feel self-confident knowing what you like and what you don’t like, the easier it will be to say no instead of buying things you don’t like.

So now you can sit back, and think how many clothes do you actually need?

We have found some guideline on the website for you to get started if you are unsure how many clothes do you actually need.


7-9 work/dressy outfits
5-7 casual outfits
2-3 outfits for relaxing at home
3-4 pairs work shoes (depends on your work. Only 2 if you wear tennis shoes or similar shoes to work)
3 pairs casual shoes


2-3 pairs of “casual” dress pants like Dockers
5 button down “casual” dress shirts
2 pair of jeans
1 pair of grunge jeans
1 pair of sweat pants
3-5 t shirts
2 pair of shorts
1 pair of really nice dress pants
1-2 ties
1 pair each tennis shoes, casual dress shoes and dress shoes


Decision process of editing your wardrobe

Our Facebook fans asked us to provide some tips about how to downsize the wardrobe. Today, we are going to offer some detailed tips to let you know how to edit your wardrobe. And we also hope that when you finish reading, you will be motivated to manage your wardrobe.


Follow this decision tree, we will find what kind of clothes that we don’t have to keep. Firstly, the question is do you absolutely love it? Umm, I know it’s hard to say you actually love or not love one piece of clothes. But here is an advice that demonstrates that you don’t really love those clothes: you bought the clothes when they were on sale and you did not wear them for more than three times after you made the purchase. Follow the decision process, if you say yes, you will be asked if it is fit, damaged or get repaired. Also, you will be asked depends your situation now such as pregnant or postpartum.

Basically, we will get the glue that the clothes worth still staying in your wardrobe are those you wear often and still are in style, special occasion dress, costume, wedding dress, uniform and sentimental clothing items such as the dress you wore when you were proposed before.

Now you are aware that what kind of clothes should be got rid of or should be kept in the wardrobe. Also, when you are editing your wardrobe, you also should know why those clothes are thrown out and won’t buy the same clothes afterwards. Let’s shopping but shopping wisely.



According to The Guardian stated that one woman in five is a shopaholic. Experts believe that 10% of the population, and possibly 20% of women are compulsive shoppers. Most shopaholics are seriously in debt, and the condition has led to family break-ups, depression, homelessness and even suicide. So why women love shopping? In this blog post, we will be interviewing with one of our Facebook page fan. We will be discussing with her about her impulsive shopping experiences.

Stephanie Lam, 19, student at the University of New South Wales stating that “I just simply love shopping for no reason! I love buying clothes, therefore I have too many clothes. My wardrobe doesn’t have space to fit all my clothes in”. I believed that there are many young women like Stephanie loves shopping due to several reasons. Firstly, WE LOVE TO DOLL UP! It is a well known fact that outfits, footwear, eye wears, jewelries, bags, skincare and make up products…that raises our style quotient deserves a place in our shopping list. Therefore buying one item on the list will automatically paves a way for the rest of items in our shopping cart. And one of the most important factor: SALES AND DISCOUNT OFFERS! Stephanie added, “when there’s sales or discount offers, I would immediately go into the shop. I believe that if I don’t buy anything, it is kind of a waste of chance for not getting the products! And also being a woman itself qualifies as a reason for shopping! ”

“When I am feeling stress or low, retail therapy can help me to combat depression” Stephanie stated. It is notice that there are many women would just retail therapy to combat depression or relieve stress. Stephanie asked us during the interview, “Are they any ways to help me to shop wisely and to save lots of money?”

In the upcoming blog posts, we will be providing different tips for people like Stephanie to downsize her wardrobe and different ways to shop wisely and save lots of money! So please stay tuned shopaholic! 🙂


Reasons we impulse buy

Following up on the previous blog post, we discussed different types of shopping are and we underlined why recreational shopping happens. Today, this blog will demonstrate what impulse shopping is and how to avoid impulse shopping.

What is impulse shopping? Impulse shopping could be defined as spur of the moment, unplanned decision to buy things, made just before a purchase. According to the statistics, chocolates, soft drinks and snack food are three main confectioneries that lead to impulse shopping.

blog 3

Moreover, there are three key factors which lead people to impulse shopping. The first reason is the discount season. So GIRLS, please be caution of your wallets during the discount season, especially in June and December (Christmas sales!!).

blog 3_1

Another factor which drives impulse shopping is the credit card culture. You often think you can buy something first and pay it later. Especially for ladies, they often impulse in department stores in the cosmetics and clothing section.

Novelty is another impulse shopping driver. For example, if you are a fan of brand, you will follow their every new collection. When the brand launches something new, you will be attracted to buy it.

Ironically, impulse shopping helps the retailer and brands to expand their sales. And the brands discovered the ways to stimulate people impulse shopping and formulate their thinking towards their products. For example, they often give special offers, as a tactic to attract people to shop.

In order to avoid impulse shopping, you should always ask yourself “Do you actually need them?” or calm yourself down first then make decisions after you have thought it rationally.

Why do you shop?

“Why do people shop?” People will simply answer “to buy things” without any hesitation.

Firstly, people do shopping for basic necessities like food, clothes and other home appliances. In addition, people will feel completed when they buy things. Therefore, there are amounts of reasons why people love shopping: on sale, self-expression, beauty, relaxation, brand-loyalty, relieve stress…

There are basically four types of shopping: recreational shopping, listing shopping, item shopping and impulse shopping. In today’s blog, we will discuss what recreational shopping is. And you can try to see whether you are fit into this category.

Recreational shopping, just as its name implies, people do this shopping just for relaxation or entertainment. The most common reason people say beyond “to buy things” is relax. Lots of my girl friends like to use shopping as a way to relax and relieve their study or work stress. They just try to explore beauties and fantasies such as window-shopping or online shopping.

This type of shopping based on the trends. Prior to shopping, people often try  to keep up with trends. Therefore, this type of shopping often happens in clothes, cosmetics and accessories.

There is another function of recreational shopping is socialising. People can accompany with their friends to go shopping and have casual talking. They probably don’t intend to buy anything, they just use shopping as a reason to socialise with friends.

People often think window-shopping or online shopping is just a way of relaxation because they are not really leading to a purchase. However, brands and retailer sometimes use recreational shopping to attract the customers because they believe they will come back to buy it later when they have already experienced the benefits of the goods.

When you finished reading this article, do you think you are a member of recreational shopping fans? Just be caution, sometimes brands use this to make you spend more money and you don not even realise it!!!