Are you shopaholic? Don’t worry, You still can shop wisely!

The clip above is the trailer of the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Thinking most of girls watched this before.  If you did not, don’t worry, 🙂 I will briefly introduce what the movie talks about.

Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher ornaments), a journalist of garden magazine, lives in New York City.  Growing with the gradually cosmopolitan city, her eyes are filled with different beautiful items. Yes exactly, the beautiful items are brand-new clothes, shoes and handbags such on. This beautiful girl continuously does shopping to fulfill desires and get great catharsis. However, the other side of the coin, it is the financial problems. Even if she tried to quit shopping addition, ultimately she is always defeated by her favorite products.

This story tells us, being an immoderate shopaholic is horrible. It will make your life become a mess and result in many financial problems such as unaffordable credit card debts. But our aim of the blogs is telling you that you also could be a shopaholic if you can shop wisely.

Shopaholic is not a terrible thing because everyone has their rights to pursue the beauty, especially the young girls. However, many of you find you always buy something you don’t have to buy, and it’s an excessive shopping. It’s the bad side of shopaholic because it is a sort of waste.

Otherwise, you could be a healthy shopaholic. It means you can possess different styles of the clothes, but all of them are what you need and what you can fit in. I know it is not easy to become a healthy shopaholic, and it takes time. However, if you can always keep in the mind when you shop, “think before purchase”, “set a budget” and “utlise 24-hour rule” we have introduced in our previous posts, you will be a healthy shopaholic soon.

Take an action from today, clean out your wardrobe find what kind of clothes you are not fit on and you don’t like them anymore. Learn from the lesson, and don’t buy the same style of those clothes in the future. Also, for some basic shirts, you can DIY them by yourself.

Lastly, we highly recommend that if you can donate some clothes you think you don’t need them anymore to those people who suffered from poverty around the world. Be a kind man, we are looking forward to see there is any change happens in the world.


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