You Know What? We Can DIY

Have you heard of DIY before, our shopwise fans? DIY, just as its name implies, it means Do It Yourself. DIY is a practice of adjusting, modifying, or repairing something old without any help from an expert or professionals, you can totally finish it by yourself.

Our shopwise page introduced in the last blog, if you have any useless clothes you can donate to charities or non-profit organisation. Today, we will introduce another way to deal with those out-fashioned, old or useless clothes. YES, it is DIY.

We are honored to say, after we post a DIY Action activity on Facebook, Joanne shared her DIY experience with us. Joanne says, “this is a really easy work, and you can make your clothes totally new and in-style.”

As Joanne suggests, we often can use those basic t-shirts, blouses and jeans to restyle it with the instructions of new trends. The pictures below are Joanne’s DIY items.

422929_3495756917014_671116298_n 527456_3697729566204_998928289_n 600717_4291201642635_673056570_n527456_3697729566204_998928289_n422929_3495756917014_671116298_n


We can see Joanne makes the old jeans and shirts look new and in-fashioned. We can wear them on again, it’s SMART:D

Don’t hesitate any more, let’s DIY now! 😀

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