Shopping Behaviour Change: Are You A Hunter or A Gatherer?


From a lens of economy, there is a change of shopping behaviour due to the recent economic downturn. Retailers and suppliers have to adapt to consumer’s new shopping behaviour, which is more deliberate and purposeful in their spending. So our lovely readers, do you think your shopping behaviour have already changed? If so, congratulations, you are a savvy consumer now. If not, please read our article to figure out why you cannot change your shopping behavior towards more conscious and practical consumerism.

Firstly, you have to figure out if you are a Hunter or a Gatherer.  If you are a hunter, you must be a person like the description below:

  1. I always know exactly what I will buy before I go to the store.
  2. Try on the clothes in the fitting room not means I will buy it later.
  3. If I hesitate to buy the items or not, I won’t ask salesperson and I will figure it out by myself.

If you are fitting in the description above, you are a hunter and you are always conscious when you do shopping.

However, most of you are a Gatherer. So, what’s a gatherer mean?

  1. I prefer to go to different stores to buy the products, in terms of comparing prices.
  2. I always look at the price tags when I am shopping.
  3. I usually shop with my friends because it is fun.

If you always do those things above, you are a gatherer. A gatherer does not mean bad shopping behaviour. It means if you a gatherer, you might always buy something impulsively. Therefore, if you want to change your shopping behaviour, you have to do the following things.

  1. Set a budget. Make sure you won’t spend exceed than your dollar amount.
  2. 24-hour rule. If you really want to buy some items, don’t rush to the cashier. Try to leave them at the store, and after one night, if you still love it you can return to buy it on the next day.
  3. Don’t always rely on other’s opinion. Girls are more likely to shop with friends because it is fun. However, you should be caution, don’t let others’ comment influences on your purchase.



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