Different ways to relieve stress


As we identified in our previous blog posts, one of the major factors leads people to shop is relieving stress. In this blog posts, we will help you to find other different ways to relieve stress.

Stress, literally, is a personal response to a stressor such as an environmental condition or a stimulus. In particular, stress is a way of reacting to a challenge. People live in 21st century society of fast-paced and technological, which make them feel under stress. In order to relieve those different stresses, either from workplace or family, people (especially women) tend to do shopping escape from the real work temporarily. In addition, there is statistics shows women were twice as likely as men to use retail shopping a method to cope with stress.

Shopping when you are stressed can become an addiction such as drugs and alcohol. In a biomedical way to explain why shopping can relieve stress is because shopping releases endorphin, which reflects good feeling in people’s brain. However, with an excessive shopping, there is another problem, financial instability. Therefore, doing shopping is neither a smart nor effective way to relieve stress.

Next, we will introduce some other methods that can help you to relieve your stress towards this urban society. The tips are laughter, music therapy and exercises. Firstly, the action of laughing releases nerves and brings positive mood changes. For example, in order to find a way to stress relief, you can watch funny TV shows such as Mr. Bean.

Also, music is another technique can allow you to become more positive. This is a way of enjoyable and easy to stress relief. In addition, there is a formal music therapy session which essentially targets the issues of stress-related.

Moreover, doing exercise is an optimistic way that helps you relieve stress. For example, Yoga combines breathing exercises and meditation, which makes you initially stress relief. Also, take a walk is also another potent stress reliever.

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