Advertising Tricks That Trigger Impulse Buying


Many consumers think that they are good at ignoring advertisements and believe themselves are savvy consumers. However, according to the recent research shows that Australians are indeed paying at least a modicum of attention to online advertising and found out that 59% of Australians pay attention to online ads. In this blog post, we will be discussing about five advertising tricks that trigger impulsive buying. By knowing them and keep your spending under control! 🙂

2. Must-Haves

Advertisers are appealing to our sense of wanting to be equipped with the essentials, yet most of the items advertised this way are far from essential. Remember don’t just blindly slap down your plastic because someone says you must.

3. Discounts on Multiples e.g. Buy One, Get the Second 50% Off!!! Buy Two, Get the Third Free!!! …

These are a real cheat, as the company make you think you are spending less, when you are really spending more. Tips: decide how many you really need, and when you need them. And also make sure the discounted price isn’t a minuscule saving compared the hassle of buying multiples.

4. Rebates e.g. Mail-in Rebate!!! Spend $50 Now, Get $25 Off Your Next Purchase!!!…

Rebates are potential discounts, that have a built-in time delay, meaning the seller has your money for the time you are waiting for your rebate. They also have many hidden terms and conditions that may mean you never get the discount at all. Remember don’t buy anything with a rebate unless you wanted that exact item anyway, and were willing to pay full price for it which you probably will anyway. 😉



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