There is no doubt that this is an era of digital. Everyone is online, it not only means efficiency, time-saving, but also is means mobility. ASOS, online fashion retailer has Australia as its single largest foreign market – statistic shows Australian makes purchase on ASOS website every 6 seconds. According to Roy Morgan Research, the popularity of fashion products is increasing, which become the second-most popular category of online shopping (after Entertainment and leisure) in Australia.

So, why online shopping is that popular recently? Why people want to buy fashion products via Internet. Here are three basic reasons: save money, time-saving and various choices.

1. Online shopping is an alternative choice to save money for most online shopping buyers. Generally, people can go shopping online with a considerable discounts. For example, buyers can compare the prices via different shopping websites and makes final choices.

2. People whom like shopping online because it saves time. Buyers don’t have to walk to different retail stores and there are shopping websites which contain most of the brands they prefer.

3. Online shopping is more exciting than shopping in real store. People have various choices of clothes. With a lot of international brands opening their online store, people can purchase more comprehensive brands via online. Thus, online shopping is without the restriction of location and nation.

BUT, sometimes you may realise what you bought is not exactly what you want, or not fitting on you. Thus, how to shop online wisely? How to be savvy shoppers, we will provide some tips below:

  1. Buy on budget, buy those fashion products when it is needed and resist emotional spending triggered by the sign of “on sale”.
  2. Read other buyers’ review and comments and be aware of return policy and warranty.
  3. Value what you buy is exactly match its price. For example, is it long lasting products or just trending products?
  4. Read the basic description of what you intend to buy, maybe you will find the size or the material is not fit on you.
  5. Make a plan before shop, and it helps you to reduce extra spending.

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