Are you a shopaholic?

In the previous blogs, we have identified the different types of shopping; and we focused on the recreational and impulse shopping. In the following blog posts, we will be discussing the truth about shopaholics, the causes and ways to shop wise if you are a shopaholic.

According to the dictionary online, shopaholic could be defined as “a person who shops compulsively or very frequently”. Shopaholics could also be known as compulsive shoppers or shopping addicts, which may suffer from a psychiatric disorder which known as compulsive buying disorder. All additions have the same basic symptoms such as obsession, compulsion, loss of control and continued use in the face of negative consequences. Primarily, compulsive shopping thought to be mainly affect women. However, it is now believed that affect both genders equally.


According to the research by Australian Psychological Society, found out that the figures released by the Australian Consumers’ Association reveal that almost half of all the Australian households are in debt. And there is an increasing number of compulsive shopping. In fact, recent research found out that one in 12 Australian shoppers are suffering this disorder. Let’s have a look at the most five common symptoms of a shopaholic.

1. Shopping causes intense feelings

Suffering from compulsive buying disorder would have a sense of excitement before a purchase, an inability to resist the urge to shop and a rush or sense of reward while shopping, despite any negative consequences of their actions.

2. Shopping despite feelings of distress and guilt

People may have feelings of anxiety or tension while they try to resist the urge to shop.

3. Spending is impulsive and excessive

Compulsive shoppers are more likely to shop excessively and impulsively, typically making their purchases on credit.

4. Financial problems and big debt

5. Spending causes relationship problems

Compulsive shoppers often have problems in personal relationships as well as financial issues. According to research by the World Psychiatric Association found that nearly 70% of compulsive shoppers admitted that their behaviour based problems in their relationships.

Don’t worry if you are a shopaholic, but be a wise one! In the upcoming blog posts, we will be discussing about the different factors leading people to shop unwisely and tips to shop wisely. Please stay tuned with Shopwise Shopaholic! 🙂



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