Reasons we impulse buy

Following up on the previous blog post, we discussed different types of shopping are and we underlined why recreational shopping happens. Today, this blog will demonstrate what impulse shopping is and how to avoid impulse shopping.

What is impulse shopping? Impulse shopping could be defined as spur of the moment, unplanned decision to buy things, made just before a purchase. According to the statistics, chocolates, soft drinks and snack food are three main confectioneries that lead to impulse shopping.

blog 3

Moreover, there are three key factors which lead people to impulse shopping. The first reason is the discount season. So GIRLS, please be caution of your wallets during the discount season, especially in June and December (Christmas sales!!).

blog 3_1

Another factor which drives impulse shopping is the credit card culture. You often think you can buy something first and pay it later. Especially for ladies, they often impulse in department stores in the cosmetics and clothing section.

Novelty is another impulse shopping driver. For example, if you are a fan of brand, you will follow their every new collection. When the brand launches something new, you will be attracted to buy it.

Ironically, impulse shopping helps the retailer and brands to expand their sales. And the brands discovered the ways to stimulate people impulse shopping and formulate their thinking towards their products. For example, they often give special offers, as a tactic to attract people to shop.

In order to avoid impulse shopping, you should always ask yourself “Do you actually need them?” or calm yourself down first then make decisions after you have thought it rationally.


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