Do You Know You Have “TOO MANY” Clothes?

Welcome to the first blog post for Shopwise Shopaholic! 🙂 In this blog, you would be able to find out different information on how and why to shop wisely.

We always say, ” girls will never have too many clothes”. Today, we are not going to talk how to define the word of “many”, yet we will help ourselves recognise we actually have so many extra clothes.


Do you always feel the same situation with the girl who is in the picture above? To be honest, I will have to say I always have this kind of problem when I stand in the front of wardrobe. But wait, does “nothing to wear” means “we don’t have enough clothes”? I will simply give you the answer, “no, not actually.” I don’t know how many of you have recognised that there are so many clothes that we won’t even wear them more than three times. However, we always think that we need to buy new clothes.

So now, we’ll have some tips to help you to find out what kinds of clothes mean “extra” to you. Here are some steps you can follow:

1. De-clutter

Get rid of those clothes that you don’t fit in or you just don’t like them. But how to let ourselves know we don’t like them? Here are some exemplified situation: Arrange the clothes you have worn it for no more than twice since you bought them. Especially, clear those clothes you bought when they were on sales, yet you are not frequently to wear.

2. Keep Positive

I know many people will say “I will feel unsecured if my clothes are becoming less”. Then why don’t you think in a more positive way like “I have more space for other things” or “there would be less solid combustibles in case of a house fire”.

3. Don’t vacillate to get rid of things

Once you made the decision that you will get rid of those clothes, don’t hesitate. Pack them into a bag or give them to your friends before you change your mind.

So you can simply find out which clothes are “extra” to you by following the steps above.

Hope you enjoy this blog post and it will help you think about do you actually have “TOO MANY” clothes. If so, you should take action to find out those “extra” clothes. In the coming blog posts, we will discuss more on how to shop wisely, shopaholic.